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Cows, Goats, Buffalo etc. get their PROTEIN and CALCIUM from grass. Pictured to the right is Leo. His Mommy Sarah, is one of several dairy goats at Ocean Grown Farms. Here our goats get all the fresh Ocean Grown Farms wheat grass they want.  The fresh wheat grass increases their milk production by around 20% and they are all healthy and beautiful.  We also feed fresh wheat grass to our chickens.  The yokes are dark yellow, and their shells are very hard.  Of course, the hens are extremely healthy.  Healthy animals aren’t subject to the many disease most farm animals are. WWW.OCEANGROWNFARMSALVA.COM

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“Years ago, I was dying from terminal

cancer.  Some wonderful friends paid for me to stay at The Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida.  Two times a day I drank fresh squeezed wheatgrass and did wheatgrass implants.  Upon leaving, I found Ocean Grown Farms wheat grass and continued my routine. Thank God today I am cancer free!”

                     -  David Rains, Sprinhall, FLorida


“When Mike brought home this wheat-grass juice I thought he was crazy.  I figured the Health  Food Store is just talking him into things, because we are not really into fads or health crazes.  

...But he came home with so much energy and he was in such good spirits he convinced me to try it. Ever since then we have been hooked.

Prior to the daily doses of your juiced wheat-grass, I had been having digestive issues and I have to say I have noticed a significant difference.

I highly doubt it is a coincidence, because I had been having those problems for about a year.

Mike and Paula Tuminello


I also wanted to mention that I had a bad soar throat on Thursday (the kind that comes with a bad cold), so I doubled my shots; by Saturday I was feeling 100%.   

Thank you for taking the time to introduce this Wheat-grass  to my husband. We are feeling better because you did." 

“Wheatgrass is far and above the single most amazing advancement to my health I’ve ever experienced! I first began using it after a series of health issues mostly involving low immune response as I had a number of colds and viruses within about a six month period. I was extremely fatigued, had brain fog and memory lapses and overall little energy. With nearly every vitamin and mineral contained in this super food, I found I could almost effortlessly get all the nutrition I needed without eating large volumes of fruits and veggies! I’m a cheater, I don’t always eat right and my excuse is a very busy schedule. Wheatgrass juice has been a necessary supplement loaded with many benefits to counteract my “not always healthy” diet. It balances my blood sugar, gives me energy and stamina, increases alertness and sharpness in thinking, strengthens my immune system, levels my blood sugar, reduces cravings for sugar, coffee and carbs, and gives an overall sense of balance and well being. I have not had a cold or virus for years! It also has a wonderful effect on skin, smoothing (especially as a facial mask), strengthening and helps quickly heal rashes and abrasions.

Ocean Grown Farms wheatgrass is the best I have ever tasted. I share the wonder of wheatgrass with nearly everyone I know...from those who are simply fatigued to those who have advanced diseases like cancer.

I believe our Creator gave us plants for healing and restoration of our minds and bodies.

Wheatgrass is one of His most powerful blessings and I am grateful beyond words for it!”

                                                                                                                           - Julia Thompson

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